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    Tete a Tete a Trois Shiraz Challenge Round 2

    One block of Shiraz, Three Winemakers, Three Shiraz; which one will you judge the best? Did you miss out on our Tete a Tete a Trois Shiraz dinner and your chance to vote for your favourite S..

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    Disgorging Workshop

    A unique insight into the production of Sparkling Wine. Join winemakers Josh and Rachael Davenport as they lead you through the blending, tirage and disgorging steps of sparkling wine pro..

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    Little Cheese, Big Wine

    "Little Cheese, Big Wine" One marriage no one can object to is the mouthwatering combination of wine and cheese. Each is delicious on its own, but when you pair the two, magic can happen. ..

Est. 1997 in the heart of picturesque Bickley Valley


'Inspiración espaῆola desde los cerros Perth'

(Spanish inspiration from the Perth Hills)

The warm days, cool nights and elevation of the Perth hills are ideally suited to traditional Spanish and Portuguese grape varieties.

This was the inspiration for young winemakers Josh and Rachael Davenport, who have established their two vineyards and 40 tonne winery in the area.This was the inspiration upon which young winemakers Josh and Rachael Davenport developed their two vineyards and 40 tonne


  MyattsField Vineyards are well known for their innovative approach to winemaking, always on the look out for interesting parcels of fruit. 

Our plantings of Durif were the first in the state.

Members of our “Left Field” wine club are privy to the more unusual and exclusive batches.

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Licence Number: 6180108952

Class: Producer's Licence

Licensee: John Davenport, Catherine Davenport and Joshua Davenport

WARNING: it is an offence to sell or supply liquor to a person under 18 years of age or for a person under 18 years of age to purchase or attempt to purchase liquor from a licensed or regulated premises.