Robust, Ageworthy Dry Red. The benchmark blend of each vintage. 95/100 Ray Jordan


Joseph Myatt was the founder of the original Myattsfield family farm in Camberwell, London. Camberwell of course was subsequently engulfed by London and the family had to move out to Kent and Gloucestershire, but Joseph was always the driver behind the family business and very successful in the projects that he produced. This wine represents the best red blend of any one vintage.

This wine really commemorates Joseph’s pioneering experiences and the original beginnings of the Myattsfield’s horticultural history. We never pre-empt the blend for the Joseph Myatt in any given year. There is a literally a day in November where we get a glass of wine from every barrel in the entire building, line them up on a table and we sit there for hours tasting the wine trying to find the best parcels and the best blending, blended wine to create the Joseph Myatt Reserve.


The Joseph Myatt Reserve is traditionally the best red of the vintage. In 2019, select parcels of Shiraz (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) and Durif (10%) were hand harvested for this wine. Small open fermenters we used to achieve optimal colour and flavour extraction before 18 maturation in new French and American Oak Hogsheads, The resulting wine shows great concentration, finesse and balance. Cellar with confidence for 5-10 years.

Because the Joseph Myatt Reserve is a very structural firm dry red, of course it can handle very heavy dishes. Traditional pot roasts, a nice hearty steak, anything full of flavour is a perfect match for Joseph Myatt Reserve.



Single Bottle