A sweet, luscious solera aged Liqueur fortified


This wine is named after Nancy Green (Myatt), Josh’s grandmother and the last of our Myatt family here in Australia. The Kenneth Green Vintage Fortified is named after her husband.

The Nancy Myatt Fortified is our white liqueur fortified, made using a traditional Spanish solera blending system. Our Solera began in 2001 with the production of some fortified Muscat. Since then the overwhelming majority of the fortified wine added has utilised the Pedro Ximenez grape. Our fortified Solera is affectionately referred to as the “inheritance” because we recognise that opportunity to make truly great Solera fortifieds will probably fall to our children.


Being a liqueur fortified wine, it is extremely sweet, with an intensity of flavour.

On the nose we have rich developed rancio characters. The palate is rich and luscious with burnt toffee and caramelised flavours.

Fruit for the Nancy Myatt is sourced from a number of vineyards located in both the including the Swan Valley and Perth Hills. The fruit is picked very ripe as shrivelled or raisin berries with a very high sugar concentration.

This fortified wine is made using a traditional Spanish solera blending system, and our system is just a baby dating back only 10 years

The blend will change each year but the wine will always have a degree of consistency and this is because the solera system gives us enough fortified material to ensure that the wine’s consistency is maintained. This blend is mainly Pedro Ximines with liqueur Viognier and liqueur Verdelho.

The fruit is picked as shrivelled or raisin berries and when they arrive at the winery we’re left with the very difficult task of crushing such shrivelled fruit. We have done this in the past with out feet but we’ve recently started using a meat mincer and it seems to be the best way to extract the juice from this berries.

We ferment for a very short period prior to fortification as we’re looking to retain the maximum amount of sugar to achieve the lusciousness in this wine and then it’s all about time in oak. Once the wine is cleaned up and put to barrel we don’t look at the wine for another 5 or 6 years until it starts to develop those rich and complex characters. With the raisin berries the juice yield is extremely low, we once took a parcel of Viognier at 31 baumé and it took us 2 days to press, the juice was like treacle but absolute gold in terms of its contribution to the solera. As a consequence, these wines are not economically viable to make, they cost a lot of money and a lot of time but, sex in a bottle, as as young wine makers we’re very keen to make these wines.


Single Bottle