By being a ‘Left Field’ member you can enjoy a tasting pack of Myattsfield wine tailored for the seasons.

The Left Field Wine Club lets you choose a membership that suits you:

  • ‘4 Seasons’ : a tasting pack tailored for Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.
  • ‘2 Seasons’ : a tasting pack for the Summer and Winter months.

Each 6 Pack is compiled by the Winemakers at Myattsfield to suit the following months and includes wines from our cellar door as well as some wines from ‘Left Field’.

‘Left Field’ members will be given an opportunity to taste some of the limited production, hand crafted wines made especially for the club (not availble anywhere else, including cellar door!), as well as pre-releases and museum stock.

The wine can be delivered to your door OR you may wish to visit the Myattsfield cellar door and collect your wine while taking the opportunity to participate in one of our quarterly tasting workshops.

The workshops are designed to inform and educate the ‘Left Field’ members and their friends on different aspects of grape growing and winemaking. There will be events such as a vintage breakfast, benchmark tastings, barrel tastings, disgorging workshops and the like. You can pick and choose what you would like to do (please note that some workshops may require a small booking fee).

Membership Benefits

  • No membership fees
  • 15% off all or our cellar door wines
  • VIP pricing when you visit our cellar door
  • Access to limited, museum and pre-release wines
  • Workshops to enhance your knowledge of wine
  • No Obligations

How It Works

A six pack of wines (a mix of whites, reds, sparklings & fortifieds) selected by the Winemakers from our ‘Left Field’ cellar will be posted out to you at the beginning of the new season according to your membership (either Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring or Summer & Winter), but delivery time may vary.

We will automatically bill your credit card at the time your wine is posted.

Included in the pack along with the wine will be tasting notes about wines, our newsletter and information about our upcoming events, including the ‘Left Field’ workshops.

A membership card will be issued when joining. This card entitles you to a 10% discount on all of our cellar door wines, however if presented at cellar door you will receive 15% off any purchases.

There are no obligations. If at any time you wish to terminate your membership just contact us via phone or email.

So... How Much Is It?

We have priced the 6 packs at $125 (an average of $20.83 a bottle)

  • 4 Seasons Four x 6 packs per year = $500 + postage (if applicable)
  • 2 Seasons Two x 6 packs per year = $250 + postage (if applicable)

How Do I Join?

That is easy. Purchase a  MEMBERSHIP  or CONTACT US for more information.