2018 Methode Traditionelle Rose

The Sparkling rose style is a fresh, early drinking style.


The Sparkling rose style is a softer younger drinking style. Made from slightly riper Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes than the methode champenoise it
also carries a heavier dosage to emphsise the subtle bright fruit flavours.
We always refer to the Sparkling Rose as the younger sibling to our more serious, Methode Traditionelle style and it is. It’s a soft easy drinking approachable
sparkling that’s aimed to be released at a younger age. In fact Rachel jokes that it’s the Sparkling Rose that pays for the Methode Traditionelle.
It a delicious everyday drinking sparkling designed for the Australian summer.
Of course every year we release our Sparkling Rose at our Stawberry Fayre.


The Sparkling Rose doesn’t have any of the developed complexity of the our other sparkling wines, but it’s crisp, it’s fresh and it’s fruit driven. It
carries a little bit of sugar and it’s really designed for everyday approachable drinking.
On the nose the Sparkling Rose has a lovely lifted crushed strawberry and rose petal aroma.
The palate is rich and textured and has some love crisp strawberry and cherry sort of notes, really soft approachable simple drinking.
We never recommend cellaring, once it’s been disgorged and ready for market. It’s ready to be drunk.
In terms of food matching with this wine, the palate is typically a little richer, because of the extra sugar content, it still has some lean crisp acidity,
but with punchy fruit characters, so it would be great with salmon, some light terrine dishes – just nice light food but with a little more texture.


Single Bottle